​   "I believe that each person is unique and has a different set of life circumstances. I approach and treat each patient with individualized attention to their specific personality, goals, and needs."

Dr. Ryan Seay

Anxious or Depressed?
If you are you anxious, depressed, feel miserable about life, or have chronic medical symptoms, there is hope for feeling better. These symptoms can be traced to the fast-pace of modern living and chronic stress. By learning a few new skills, understanding what stress really is and where it's hidden in your life, you can increase your resilience to mental and physical illness. If you are looking for a healthier and happier life, Dr. Seay offers a free 30-minute consultation for you to find out if this could help you achieve wellness and resilience in your life.

If you are looking to improve your resilience and wellness then this site has many keys to help you unlock your optimal human potential and performance. The effects of stress can contribute to many unwanted symptoms, disorders, emotions, and simply put, a miserable life. You can choose wellness. The choice is yours. Dr. Seay can help.

Scientists estimate that between 80-85% of physician office visits are for stress-related disorders. You may be surprised to learn that you can control your experience of stress. That means there is something you can do to contribute to your health and happiness.

Happiness is a way of feeling that a lot of people are trying to be.  Recent research has shown that this elusive state of being is not the result of trying harder, but actually a side effect of being in the moment.  It turns out that the brain will produce 'happiness' when it is present, and not distracted by multitasking and 'multi-imagining'.  As humans, we can train ourselves to be more skillful at accepting the moment we are in, instead of being pulled into the future (rehearsing) or the past (reviewing).  Mindfulness training makes this skill possible.

Dr Seay is a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialty in Health Psychology / Mind-Body Medicine. His early training and extensive experience was in Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation Psychology. That previous neuroscience specialty taught Dr. Seay a lot about brain functioning and how subtle changes in biological and neurological chemistry make a big difference in mental and physical health. Most importantly, what we think about changes the biochemistry in the brain and body.

Dr. Seay's training includes Clinical Training in Mind Body Medicine through Harvard Medical School and the Mind\Body Medical Institute.  In addition, he reveived certificate training in various modalities of Biofeedback. Dr. Seay received his doctoral degree from the California School of Professional Psychology, and completed his Postdoctoral/Residency training at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center (Medical Center).  

Dr. Seay's background also includes extensive experiential and scholastic training in mindfulness from a variety of resources, including; Jon Kabot-Zinn, Gil Fronsdal, Jack Kornfield - among other profound teachers.

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