Why “Everyday” Mind-Body?

Are you choosing wellness, or sickness? Those choices are made everyday, with every meal, with every thought. As odd as it sounds (that someone would choose sickness) millions of people choose illness everyday. In the food they eat, in the thoughts they think, and in the exercise they choose not to do. Those are the key categories to focus on: nutrition, exercise, and thoughts. It's easier than you think.

Everyday Mind-Body is the idea that health and happiness are the result of simple choices that we make every day. Knowing what to do is only half of the answer. Actually doing what you know is what really creates and allows for health, happiness, and well-being.

In modern times, we know that certain habits of thought and behaviors contribute to illness. Research is conclusive about chronic stress, poor nutrition, and a sedentary lifestyle. Chronically thinking stressful, anxious, worried thoughts will contribute to illness. Eating a diet high in artificial additives, sugars, and unnecessary calories contributes to illness. A lifestyle without exercise contributes to illness.

It's simple to understand, but difficult to do without guidance, support, and effective techniques.

Dr. Seay can bring balance to your life and help you to be happier and healthier. It is possible to be resilient. The evidence-based techniques and science are real. All it takes is a little help in starting the NEW routines and habits. Before long they are old routines and habits, that will support and maintain your health and happiness.

Dr. Seay offers you that guidance, support, and easy techniques to help you increase your resilience towards anxiety, depression, and chronic medical symptoms.

We make thousands of choices everyday. Those everyday choices turn into routines and habits in order to smoothly go through the day. Routines and habits run without much effort or thought - like going on auto-pilot. Unfortunately with modern living, we have developed routines and habits that are not creating health and happiness for us.

The idea behind "EverydayMindBody" is to ask ourselves throughout the day if we are choosing wellness, or choosing sickness. Everyday you are choosing wellness or sickness in what you do. Even if you don't make any changes in your life, just being aware of the choices you make will raise your awareness. You can change routines and habits.

We know that stress can make you sick. Yet many people don't know that "Stress is nothing but a thought, and aliens don't put thoughts in your head. You choose the thoughts you think." Most people know that some foods are healthy and other foods are unhealthy. No one makes you eat unhealthy food. You are choosing the food you eat. Most people know that a sedentary lifestyle contributes to decreased health and happiness. No one is making you sit on the couch, ride the elevator, or drive around the parking lot to find the closest parking space. You can choose something better to do.

  1. You have to think - choose thoughts that make you feel better.
  2. You have to eat - choose foods that make you healthier.
  3. You have to move - choose movements that make you stronger.

Choose wellness.

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