Thinking and Illness: What’s the Connection?

I have often said that stress is nothing but a thought, and aliens don’t put thoughts in our head…we choose the thoughts we think.  Certainly stress can come in the form of physical activity, but I am talking about the everyday stress created by what we think.  Most people don’t really stop and think about what their thinking, or how the thought got there.  We go from day to day, situation to situation without questioning the quality or control of our thoughts.

The interesting point of this blog is that we are in control of our thinking and thoughts.  We can choose different and more positive thoughts.  The next time you get mad, angry, frustrated, etc…, ask yourself “How am I benefiting from this way thinking…How will this thought improve the situation?”.  Generally speaking, you will find that engaging in negative, stressful thoughts won’t change the situation, but only adds stress to your mind and body.  The more of this chronic, day-to-day stress we engage in only adds to a greater chance of developing symptoms and illnesses catagorized as a ‘Stress Related Illness’.

Being aware that you can control your thinking is the first step in picking a healthier way to think.  It takes practice, but the rewards are a healthier and happier life.  It’s your choice.  Choose wellness.

R. Seay, Ph.D.

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