Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

StonehengeCognitive Behavioral Therapy is a treatment approach that allows the patient to stop, think, and choose a different thought and response. It is possible to choose a less stressful way of understanding daily events (i.e. work, personal relationships, the neighbor, traffic, etc...). As we know, aliens do not put thoughts in our head….we choose what we think. We have control over our thoughts. The physiological processes maintaining health are very susceptible to positive and negative thoughts. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps the patient focus on understanding daily irritants differently. By changing the stressful thoughts that are manifesting as an unhealthy physiological response (monitored by biofeedback), healthful changes can occur. Learning and using techniques such as, guided imagery, meditation, relaxation, etc..., are effective ways to change harmful ways of thinking. By strengthening positive cognitive processes we allow for optimal physical and mental health.

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