CloversBiofeedback is a technique that enables a patient to see their body's physiological state on a computer monitor. Sensors monitor specific physiological processes and allow the patient to change unhealthy processes into healthy ones. Typical processes monitored are muscle activity, body temperature, breathing patterns, heart rate/blood volume (heart rate variability), and sweat gland activity (Electrodermal Activity/Galvanic Skin Response). Through computer technology, we are able to magnify signals from the body's physiological system. The patient is then able to learn to consciously control physiological processes. It does seem odd to be able to control body temperature, heart rate variability, sweat gland activity, etc…, but you can. By being able to consciously control particular physiological systems, a patient can learn to illicit a relaxation response and allow the body to return to a homeostatic or healthy state. In this physiological state, the body can better regulate health and healing.

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