Mindfulness Based Cognitive Treatment Approach

Mindfulness has become increasingly popular over the past 30 years, with particular interest within the scientific community to find out more about its effects on health and happiness.

Formally, Mindfulness can be defined as cultivating a calm awareness and observation of specific physical sensations and content of thoughts from moment to moment. From this ability, the "should of...would of...could of" types of thoughts can be effectively identified, better understood and lead to an improved ability to change disruptive thoughts and behaviors. By learning and practicing this approach to living, a clearer understanding can become known about what is causing each patients stress and effectively reduce its harm on the mind and body. Mindfulness therefore, provides an excellent practice within the Mind Body Medicine approach of health and happiness.

Depending upon individual patient needs, Dr. Seay may use Biofeedback Treatment in conjunction with a Mindfulness cognitive approach to better understand and teach patients how to control harmful physiological reactions within themselves to stress.

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