Health & Wellness Retreat

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This experience is designed for those wishing to learn about and practice how to achieve health and happiness within the context of their busy life. Topics will range from the body’s response to chronic stress to techniques for returning balance to the mind and body. Participants should be open to learning about and practicing how to manage stress in a way that brings them into balance and wellness.


This retreat could be considered a ‘focused weekend-vacation’, with participants being able to return home with an understanding of optimal health ingredients and many skills to immediately improve their overall wellness.

The two-day retreat will be held on the beautiful tropical grounds of Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa in a private Cabana. Over the course of two days, participants can expect to learn the ingredients required for a healthy mind and body. Participants will be able to immediately practice and apply the newly learned techniques and understand about the mind-body approach to wellness.

Topics to be covered will be: physiology of health, anatomy of health, simple/everyday techniques for health, meditation technique and practice, biofeedback techniques and practice, guided imagery techniques and practice, simple exercise habits, and simple nutrition habits.

The retreat is specifically crafted to alternate between education, practice, and follow up, with additional time to enjoy the spa features. The educational phase will be in the Cabana where a combination of lecture; handouts, charts, and personal note taking will help facilitate long term understanding and practice. During the practice phase, participants are invited to find a private spot within the facility (5 pools, 7 mineral spas) to practice specific techniques. Then returning to the Cabana, participants can discuss their experience and strengthen what they just learned during practice. The learning and practice series is followed by unstructured-time, where participants can utilize Spa services (see outlined services).


The focus will be on the teaching and practicing of techniques known to improve health of the mind and body. The Mind-Body techniques are evidence-based and have a proven tract record of contributing to wellness. Participants will leave the retreat with a new understanding of wellness and be able to continue to implement the necessary behaviors.


Healthy snacks, bottled water, and lunch will be provided. Other food and beverages are at the participant’s choice. Personal Concierge service is provided throughout the two-day retreat.



Pricing includes all entrance fees. Participants are free to use the mud treatment (Mud Club), 3 Jacuzzi’s, 4 pools, Mineral Spring Water hot tubs, lockers, towels, at no additional fee. Other spa services (massage, facial, etc.) are available, but not included in the retreat pricing. Reservations are necessary for the additional spa services.

Call (949) 292-1513 or e-mail Dr. Seay for more information or to register.