Cut or Reduce Healthcare Costs

 Three Things To Do To Cut Your Healthcare Costs

If you are lucky enough to have insurance, you know the joy of paying the monthly premium.  On top of that monthly payment, you may need to actually use the insurance you pay for, which means deductibles need to be met and co-pays need to be paid.  Should you need major medical treatment, you will certainly pay less than a non-insured person,  but it still means paying more to use the insurance.  Here are three things to do to reduce the chances of actually needing to use your insurance:

  • (1) Exercise. It doesn’t have to be at an Olympic training level, you can gain significant benefit from simple walking.
  • (2) Eat nutritious. I didn’t say “diet” because eating healthfully just means sensible and nutritious. Your body needs quality building blocks to repair itself and function optimally.
  • (3) Keep your mental balance. Stress plays a major role in disrupting physiological processes. Stress related disorders make up the majority of medical diagnoses. Learning to manage stress and cultivate a positive outlook has a major impact on wellness.

Until an insurance plan can be offered for those who make an effort to be healthy, you can decrease the co-pays and deductibles by staying healthy in the first place. 

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Ryan Seay, Ph.D.

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  1. You have been referred to me for Biofeedback training.
    I’m wondering if you accept Medicare?

    Eleanor Troutt -

  2. Hello, do you accept Aetna insurance for biofeedback or cognitive behavioral therapy? I have OCD, Anxiety, and Social Phobia. Please advise. Thanks.


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