Research over the last 20-years has provided evidence that emotions and psychological influences play a significant part of cardiovascular diseases. Specifically, the psychological factors that appear to have the most damaging effects on cardiovascular health are: stress, hostility, and anger. Mind-Body therapies have been shown to reduce the development and progression of coronary artery disease. Studies on Mind-Body therapies have shown that patients that learned and practiced Mind-Body therapies reduced all-cause mortality by 41% and reduced non-fatal cardiac recurrences by 46%. These amazing results are in comparison to patients participating in standard medical care for their heart condition. It appears that standard medical care for coronary heart disease, plus adjunctive Mind-Body therapy, gives the patient a significant advantage.

Purple FlowerFor many years, the research on Mind-Body therapy’s effect on hypertension was unclear. Was it effective in reducing hypertension, or not? Recent research reveals that an individualized Mind-Body treatment approach did effectively reduce hypertension and was comparable to drug treatment in reducing the patient’s hypertension.

If you have a cardiovascular condition, it is important to be checked regularly by your physician. A Mind-Body treatment approach to coronary artery disease or hypertension should not solely replace prudent medical care. The addition of Mind-Body therapy to standard cardiac care appears to significantly increase resilience, resulting in a better outcome. Working with your physician, you can determine the best approach for you. Many physicians may not be thoroughly knowledgeable about adding a Mind-Body approach to your care. Feel free to contact me for more information or have your physician give me a call. I am also available to call your physician to explain the advantages of an adjunctive Mind-Body therapy.

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